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In our view, more needs to be done to train people on how to be better employees and further their careers. If you are looking to succeed in your career, it may help to have a good mentor, but not all of us can find one. The other alternative is to read and educate yourself from people with relevant experience. To assist you with that, and to continually educate yourself on how to succeed in your job, I recommend going to The US At Work ( and having a listen to their podcasts and read their articles (in the “Digest Workplace” section).

Otherwise, if you’re not currently employed, another good website to take a look at is, as it will give you tips on how to write effective resumes and cover letters to help you land a job.

On the opposite side, from the leadership perspective if you want to motivate your employees and encourage them to take steps to be more productive team members, a little recognition can go a long way. Take steps to let your team know you care and you appreciate what they do, and they will respond by working harder to help you achieve your mission.

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There are a lot of things that men have to worry about these days. How can I find a good partner? How can I make and save money? How can I better myself as a man? These are questions that most of us struggle with, and there’s a lot of conflicting information on how to be the best version of yourself. One of the best websites online for advising men on these questions is the Wingman Magazine, which has some excellent, very well researched content that a lot of men can definitely benefit from. Worth taking a look at.

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If you’re going to go cycling for a long distance, you’ll need a comfortable cycling backpack. There are a number of things you’ll have to take into account when it comes to finding out what backpack you should buy. Much of this depends on how long you’ll be cycling, and how often. Also consider what you’ll be taking in the backpack (if you’ll be taking a laptop, for example, you’ll want to have a separate compartment for the laptop).

bookmark_borderCycling Quotes is a website I just came across that has some great news on cycling, along with some great cycling statistics and a forum for cycling. I particularly love cycling because it gives you a real sense of freedom, is a LOT more fun than walking, you can really explore a lot of places, it’s cheap, and it’s environmentally friendly. If you’re in a city that’s suitable for cycling, I recommend having a think about taking up cycling. A lot of people these days cycle to work, or maybe just go out cycling on the weekend. There are actually not many people that took up this hobby and regret having done so 🙂

One of the other nice things about cycling is the social aspect, as you’ll easily meet fellow cyclists and can join cycling clubs.

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Do you love moving? For most of us, the answer to that question would be a resounding NO! In fact, it’s a gigantic pain. That’s why you’ll usually need to hire a moving company to make the process easier. One moving company we came across recently is I Love Moving, which specializes in international moving (either by sea or air). They can actually offer overseas vehicle shipping, packing services and more. Also, if you have oversized items or custom needs, they can work with you (they can easily customize crates and will work with you to make sure everything you need to get shipped gets shipped).

The company has offices in both New York and London, and is available to help customers in many locations including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose and London. If you’re based around these cities, it may be worth giving them a call and seeing if they can help you out. Based on their Trustpilot reviews here, this is a reputable company that most customers have a very good experience with.

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Today’s edition of things-you-probably-didn’t-know-existed is goat yoga. Many people know about the great benefits that yoga brings, but you may not have heard of goat yoga, where you practice yoga with goats. That may sound like a crazy idea, but you may be surprised that it’s getting extremely popular and many, many people are enjoying it. One of the most well-known places where you can try goat yoga, and one that has got significant media attention, is Arizona Goat Yoga at started in 2015 and has turned into a thriving business, and if you’re curious about goat yoga, it may be worth trying it once.

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This is a short profile of Running Wolf’s Rant, a website that features a variety of interesting articles. Some of the recent content they have published includes the following:

  • Ways that mobile games can help to conquer mental health challenges
  • Tips for buying clothes online
  • Facts on the coronavirus
  • News on different bands and TV shows

As of May 2020, there are a large number of different categories on this website including entertainment, facts, general news, hacks, opinion, photography and more.

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The market for Hemp & CBD products continues to grow, and more and more people are feeling comfortable about using CBD for all kinds of purposes. That comes along with an increasingly popular and mainstream view that Marijuana should be legal for recreational purposes across all states. For those looking to use Hemp & CBD specifically to cure insomnia, an interesting online store is MyInsomniaFix. Here there are all kinds of Hemp & CBD products you can buy from oils, bath bombs, balms and more. The company is based in Minnesota.

For those interested in CBD, you may have several questions such as how long it takes to work, its medical applications, and why you should take it. There are a few good articles on about CBD (eg here) that will give you the information you need.