How To Be A Better Employee

In our view, more needs to be done to train people on how to be better employees and further their careers. If you are looking to succeed in your career, it may help to have a good mentor, but not all of us can find one. The other alternative is to read and educate yourself from people with relevant experience. To assist you with that, and to continually educate yourself on how to succeed in your job, I recommend going to The US At Work ( and having a listen to their podcasts and read their articles (in the “Digest Workplace” section).

Otherwise, if you’re not currently employed, another good website to take a look at is, as it will give you tips on how to write effective resumes and cover letters to help you land a job.

On the opposite side, from the leadership perspective if you want to motivate your employees and encourage them to take steps to be more productive team members, a little recognition can go a long way. Take steps to let your team know you care and you appreciate what they do, and they will respond by working harder to help you achieve your mission.

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