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Southwest Airlines Co

Southwest Airlines Co
PO Box 36611
United States of America
Phone: 1 214 7924000

No. employees: 57,674
Turnover: 21,171.00 (US$m)
Financial year end: December

Company Overview

Top Competitors

Key Employees

Gary C. Kelly

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Board

Ron Ricks

Vice Chairman, Executive Board

Nancy B. Loeffler

Director, Non Executive Board

John T. Montford

Director, Non Executive Board

J. Veronica Biggins

Director, Non Executive Board

Grace D. Lieblein

Director, Non Executive Board

David W. Biegler

Director, Non Executive Board

Thomas W. Gilligan

Director, Non Executive Board

Douglas H. Brooks

Director, Non Executive Board

John G. Denison

Director, Non Executive Board

William H. Cunningham

Director, Non Executive Board

Robert E. Jordan

Executive Vice President - Corporate Services, Senior Management

Tammy Romo

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Senior Management

Mark R. Shaw

Secretary, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, Executive Vice President, Senior Management

Michael G. Van de Ven

Chief Operating Officer, Senior Management

Linda Rutherford

Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer, Senior Management

Reid Grandle

Vice President - Strategy & Planning, Senior Management

Chris Johnson

Managing Director - Ground Operations, Senior Management

Thomas M. Nealon

President, Senior Management

Andrew M. Watterson

Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer, Senior Management

Gregory D. Wells

Executive Vice President - Daily Operations, Senior Management

Craig Drew

Senior Vice President - Air Operations, Senior Management

Steve Goldberg

Senior Vice President - Operations and Hospitality, Senior Management

Chris Monroe

Senior Vice President - Finance, Senior Management

Alfred 'Jack' Smith III

Senior Vice President - Operations, Senior Management

Kathleen Wayton

Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer - Technology, Senior Management

Stan Alexander

Vice President - Technology, Data and Architecture, Senior Management

Elizabeth A. Bryant

Vice President - Southwest Airlines University, Senior Management

Matt Buckley

Vice President - Cargo & Charters, Senior Management

Paul Cullen

Vice President - Real Estate, Senior Management

Katherine Findlay

Vice President - Internal Audit, Senior Management

Ryan C. Green

Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Management

Anthony Gregory

Vice President - Ground Operations & Provisioning, Senior Management

Matt Hafner

Vice President - Network Operations Control, Senior Management

Scott Halfmann

Vice President - Safety & Security, Senior Management

Justin Jones

Vice President - Operational Strategies and Performance, Senior Management

Alan Kasher

Vice President - Flight Operations, Senior Management

Leah Koontz

Vice President, Controller, Senior Management

Sonya Lacore

Vice President - Inflight Operations, Senior Management

Erika Linford

Vice President - Technology – Commercial, Senior Management

Russell McCrady

Vice President - Labor Relations, Senior Management

Tom Merritt

Vice President - Technology - Infrastructure & Services, Senior Management

Landon Nitschke

Vice President - Maintenance Operations, Senior Management

Jim Ruppel

Vice President - Customer Relations & Rapid Rewards, Senior Management

Sherry Staber

Vice President - Technology - Enterprise Management & Technical Operations, Senior Management

Trevor Stedke

Vice President - Technical Services, Senior Management

Bill Tiffany

Vice President - Supply Chain Management, Senior Management

Ellen Torbert

Vice President - Diversity & Inclusion, Senior Management

Jason Van Eaton

Senior Vice President - Governmental Affairs and Real Estate, Senior Management

Chris Wahlenmaier

Vice President - Customer Support & Services, Senior Management

Kay Weatherford

Vice President - Revenue Management & Pricing, Senior Management

Julie Weber

Vice President - People, Senior Management

James Ashworth

Managing Director - Customer Support and Services, Senior Management

Laurie Barnett

Managing Director - Communications & Outreach, Senior Management

Nan Barry

Managing Director - Executive Office, Senior Management

Jim Dayton

Managing Director - Technology - Air Operations, Senior Management

Adam Decaire

Vice President - Network Planning, Senior Management

Ken Guckian

Managing Director - Tax, Senior Management

Dave Harvey

Vice President - Corporate Sales, Senior Management

Steve Hozdulick

Managing Director - Operations Control, Senior Management

Cheryl Hughey

Managing Director - Culture, Senior Management

Jeff Jones

Managing Director - Technology - Customer & Reservations, Senior Management

Ryan Martinez

Managing Director - Investor Relations, Senior Management

Jim Sturgis

Managing Director - Quality, Programs, and Maintenance Safety, Senior Management

Juan Suarez

Managing Director, Deputy General Counsel, Senior Management

Bill Tierney

Managing Director - Marketing, Senior Management

John Zuzu

Managing Director - Corporate Facilities, Senior Management

Tammy Amirault

Managing Director - Technology, Enterprise Management , Senior Management

Steve Sisneros

Managing Director - Airport Affairs, Senior Management

Jonathan Clarkson

Managing Director - Marketing, Senior Management


PO Box 36611,
United States of America
Phone: 1 214 7924000

AirTran Airways 717 Leasing Corporation

United States of America

AirTran Airways, Inc.

9955 Airtran Boulevard,
United States of America
Phone: 1 407 2515600

AirTran Holdings, LLC

9955 AirTran Boulevard,
United States of America
Phone: 1 407 3185600
Fax: 1 407 2515727

AirTran Risk Management, Inc.

United States of America

Southwest Jet Fuel Co.

Southwest Jet Fuel Co.,
United States of America

Triple Crown Insurance Co., Ltd.

Triple Crown Insurance Co., Ltd.,
415 Madison Avenue,
New York,
United States of America
Phone: 1 516 9338080
Fax: 1 516 4955326



  • Passenger transport services
  • Transportation of mail and cargo