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Today’s edition of things-you-probably-didn’t-know-existed is goat yoga. Many people know about the great benefits that yoga brings, but you may not have heard of goat yoga, where you practice yoga with goats. That may sound like a crazy idea, but you may be surprised that it’s getting extremely popular and many, many people are enjoying it. One of the most well-known places where you can try goat yoga, and one that has got significant media attention, is Arizona Goat Yoga at started in 2015 and has turned into a thriving business, and if you’re curious about goat yoga, it may be worth trying it once.

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This is a short profile of Running Wolf’s Rant, a website that features a variety of interesting articles. Some of the recent content they have published includes the following:

  • Ways that mobile games can help to conquer mental health challenges
  • Tips for buying clothes online
  • Facts on the coronavirus
  • News on different bands and TV shows

As of May 2020, there are a large number of different categories on this website including entertainment, facts, general news, hacks, opinion, photography and more.

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The market for Hemp & CBD products continues to grow, and more and more people are feeling comfortable about using CBD for all kinds of purposes. That comes along with an increasingly popular and mainstream view that Marijuana should be legal for recreational purposes across all states. For those looking to use Hemp & CBD specifically to cure insomnia, an interesting online store is MyInsomniaFix. Here there are all kinds of Hemp & CBD products you can buy from oils, bath bombs, balms and more. The company is based in Minnesota.

For those interested in CBD, you may have several questions such as how long it takes to work, its medical applications, and why you should take it. There are a few good articles on about CBD (eg here) that will give you the information you need.

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Most of us know just how important social behavior are when doing business in our own cultures, and this holds true when working abroad as well. Whether one is taking part in trade fairs, carrying out price negotiations with partners or colleagues, talking with end-customers, or applying for a job abroad, appropriate business conduct helps create mutual trust and understanding and is, therefore, often the key to business cooperation and success.

But what behavior are expected in Germany, a country where the people are known for their guttural language, their obsession with “Ordnung”, their square-jawed seriousness, and other habits and sensitivities?

You can help ensure the achievement of business success with the Germans when you are informed about the cultural differences and expectations in Germany and the situations in which they are important. It is then possible to act appropriately when the time comes and improve your chances of closing that “big deal” or establishing respectful working relationships thus setting yourself and your organization ahead of the competition.

The book “More than Manners” focus on practical and useful guidelines for helping business students and professionals negotiate the social challenges of a business encounter. The advices are also designed to help avoid uncomfortable situations and tactfully handle predictable and unpredictable situations at all social levels in German business. Correct conduct with German colleagues and customers, how to master negotiations, the correct tone to use in e-mails and letters, and table manners are just some of the topics that can prepare you for a successful trip to Deutschland.
Also the book gives tools to create a strong but appropriate job application for Germany, give the reader several ideas for making firm contacts, prepare for a first interview and assessment centres, and help make more knowledgeable of the nuances of etiquette in the German workplace, which do indeed differ from those manners that we often rely on in private life.

For more information visit

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Getting married is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and that’s why you want your wedding to go as smoothly as possible. And looking good is a must! So when it comes to getting a wedding dress and getting your makeup done, you want it to be done right. Many brides spend hours upon hours combing through different dresses, reading blogs and doing research on the ideal wedding, but a lot of the information online is quite disorganized. That’s why we recommend Brides On A Mission, a website with all kinds of helpful advice that will be tremendously useful to any woman getting married 🙂

Currently the website has sections for Style, Beauty, Wedding tips, Gifts, Destinations and Love.

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The online course industry is definitely HUGE! And if you want to sell an online course, most people prefer to do it on a platform rather than trying to host everything yourself. Hosting your course on a real platform has a lot of benefits. Mainly, you don’t need to worry about the technical side of things with running stuff on your own website. You just upload content to the portal, through the platform interface, and that’s how your course is made.

There are a number of online course creation platforms, but the main one is Teachable which claims to have made over $300,000,000 in online course sales across all its course vendors.

Teachable is not perfect, though, so you should do a little bit of research on it before hosting your course on it. The best Teachable review online is (in my humble opinion) this one as it not only goes into good detail about the platform, but includes other user reviews for Teachable from a lot of different course creators.

And speaking of emerging technologies, check out 7 Emerging Technologies That Will Reshape Education in 2020

bookmark_borderThe Government of the United States and Google agree to pay a multi-million dollar fine

The United States Government and Google have agreed that the technological giant will pay a multi-million dollar fine for failing to take appropriate measures to prevent minors from gaining access to inappropriate images and collecting their data, local media reported. The agreement, which had the support of the three Republican members and was rejected by the two Democrats of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), reflects that the Youtube video platform failed in its control mechanisms. violated the online protection laws of minors , according to The Washington Post.

The negotiations were carried out by the FTC, but the agreement has yet to be approved by the Justice Department, which usually limits itself to ratifying this type of agreement. At the moment the exact amount of the fine is unknown, but the Washington newspaper says it will be several million dollars.

YouTube collected the location, device identifiers and phone numbers

This lawsuit goes back to April last year, when a coalition of 23 child rights groups reported to the FTC that the technology giant collected personal information from children under 13 , including location, device identifiers and phone numbers, and tracked them without their consent. The lawsuit claimed that YouTube used this data to direct ads to minors through its platform and thus get economic performance.

Initially, the most famous Internet search engine defended itself against these accusations alleging that the YouTube platform is only for people over 13 years old, however the plaintiffs considered that, in reality, there are no control mechanisms to apply this policy and prevent the access of the youngest to the platform. In fact, Google even has an application dedicated exclusively to children called “YouTube Kids” (“YouTube Kids”) that launched in 2015 and is designed to show appropriate content and ads for children.

In this regard, a month ago, The Wall Street Journal said that the video platform is considering removing all children’s contents from its main portal and transfer them to that application in response to its controversial content management for children. The idea would be that all content starred by children or directed to this audience will be exclusively in the Youtube Kids application, which means that the firm owned by Alphabet (Google’s parent company) would try to avoid further confrontations with the FTC.

bookmark_borderThe security company Ombuds declares bankruptcy

The company of security guards Ombuds has entered into bankruptcy after failing negotiations with banks to obtain new lines of financing.

The company, controlled by the US investment fund JZI and the Cortina family, owes the June payroll and the extra pay of July to its 8,000 employees, and throughout this week has tried to negotiate, without success, an agreement with Santander, Caixabank and Credite Agricole that allowed him to pay the delays to his workers.

Employees of Ombuds are summoned this Monday in front of the Carrefour of the El Saler shopping center in Valencia, to protest the non-payment of the June payroll and the extra pay of July, although the call is prior to the declaration of insolvency, old suspension of payments.

According to the trade union Alternativa Sindical, Ombuds has a debt of more than 40 million euros with the Tax Agency; In just two years, the company has gone from obtaining profits of more than 460,000 euros to accumulate losses of 5.9 million, adds the same source.

bookmark_borderMexico’s foreign debt reaches a new record

The external debt of Mexico reprises his performance boost at the start of 2019, within a context of concerns and doubts about the availability of resources to finance government programs President A ndrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, and its possible implications on the rating of the country’s sovereign debt, in particular, that of Pemex.

The balance of Mexico’s gross external debt rose by 9 thousand 519 million dollars in the first quarter of 2019 alone, to reach an unprecedented figure of 456 thousand 251 million, according to the latest figures published by the Bank of Mexico.

The increase in external indebtedness presents chiaroscuros, at the same time as it helps to light some yellow spots.

The main catalyst for greater debt was the purchase of foreign debt paper issued by the Mexican government in the local market with an amount of 6 thousand 715 million dollars, which increased its balance to 115 thousand 208 million in the first quarter 2019. The growth of this type of resources was 6.19 percent compared to the last three months of last year.

“Around the world, we have approximately 14 trillion bonds with a negative yield, while the real interest rate on Mexico’s 10-year debt (nominal – inflation) has fluctuated around 4 percent. Although the country faces numerous risks, its debt remains very attractive, considering that sovereign bonds maintain a degree of investment and offer high profitability in relative terms, “said from New York, exclusively for the Financial, Diego Colman, analyst of DailyFx markets of the IG financial group.

Foreign ownership, according to international standards following the Bank of Mexico, in roles such as bonds M, Cetes, Bondes UDIBONOS and D, will be taken as external debt.

The greater growth of foreign debt resulting from the appetite of foreigners for debt paper denominated in pesos, is a sign of confidence in Mexico and is more manageable since there is greater control by part of the Mexican government, although it does not stop worrying due to the volatility that this type of resources can have.

Another aspect that also concerns concerns the increase in the indebtedness of the Federal Government and of the so-called parastatals. States two entities increased their level of debt by 2 thousand 111 and 2 thousand 185 million dollars in the first quarter of this year, which showed a growth rate of 2.20 and 2.31 percent with respect to the previous quarter in each case.

The financial requirements of both the Federal Government and Pemex can put pressure on the result of public finances in general, which can lead to the temptation to increase resources through external indebtedness, given the strategy of not doing, for the moment, a fiscal reform and keep under control the price increases in public goods and services.

The financing policy, to be sustainable, should not be left to rest only on the pillar of austerity and the fight against corruption.

“The ideal for any government is to control the growth of the debt and consolidate its obligations. However, in a less benign economic environment for Mexico, in which tax revenues have been reduced, fiscal discipline is difficult, especially if the administration is not willing to dramatically reduce its expenditures and / or cut projects that do not have much economic sense (Dos Bocas, Santa Lucia, etc.), says specialist Diego Colman.

The outlook for public finances is clouded by higher resource requirements to finance government programs and move Pemex forward, due to low economic growth, which can contribute to keeping downward pressure on revenues and lead to a degradation of the sovereign rating of the external debt and of the main productive enterprise.

The gross external debt of Mexico accounted for 36.5 percent of the total size of the economy in the first quarter of 2019 , down from 37.7 percent late 2018. However this may be due, in large part because GDP in dollars, it was favored by the recovery of the peso, which offset to a large extent the fall of 0.2 percent in productive activity at the start of the year.

Finally, it should be noted that companies in the non-financial private sector have shown a more prudent position in terms of external debt , as this item stands at 119 billion 103 million dollars at the end of the first quarter of 2019, below its historical maximum reached 125 thousand 409 million in the last quarter of 2017.

bookmark_borderEuropean stock markets rise as the political situation in Italy stabilizes

European shares were trading between a flat quote and a slight upward bias early Monday, while Italian stocks were recovering after a series of sales driven by political nerves, while all eyes were on the meeting this week of the European Central Bank.

The Italian stock market performed better than the rest after suffering its worst day in months on Friday, as political tensions prompted speculation of early elections that would increase uncertainty for investors, but could also lead to a coalition of center-right more favorable for the market.

After ending last week with a marginal rise, in the hope that the US Federal Reserve would reduce interest rates by a more aggressive half a percentage point next week, the benchmark index of euro zone values ​​rose around 0.05% at 0732 GMT.

The main Milan index showed a similar rise but the broader pan-European index that includes London and other non-euro markets was marginally lower.

The ECB meets on Thursday, and the money markets estimate that there is more than a 50% chance that interest rates will be reduced by 10 basis points. Analysts estimate that the Fed’s decision for next week will determine whether the rebound in shares since May will continue or be paralyzed.

The results continued to flow, with the Dutch health technology company Koninklijke Philips NV rising 2.7% after having exceeded comparable sales estimates for the second quarter.

Energy values ​​remained green, following the increase in oil prices due to tensions in the Middle East.