bookmark_borderBernie Sanders Tries To Sing

Someone has sent over a new video from Coding Elite’s channel, a small YouTuber who tries to develop technology that can imitate the voices of famous celebrities. Their most latest video is one where Bernie Sanders tries to sing. Here it is:

Yes, that’s the AI-Bernie Sanders trying to sing the popular song Dancing Queen. The pronunciation could be improved in places. In particular, he says “queen” way too fast. But it’s a decent try at least. We look forward to seeing more videos like this, and hopefully they can improve over time.

bookmark_borderJordan Peterson Sings: A Crazy New Video by Coding Elite

The YouTuber Coding Elite has come out with a new video where they make Jordan Peterson sing again. But this time, it’s the 1979 song ‘Rock Lobster’:

Pretty impressive work, to be sure! This was done all with machine learning technology, which is becoming a hot topic lately, along with the potential danger of deepfakes. As this technology grows, it certainly does seem that the potential for misuse is there. That is why videos like this are a good thing, in our opinion – they make the public aware of what can potentially be done.

The video is quite amusing, of course, but hopefully also helps to educate people on what is going on.

Jordan Peterson has previously commented on deepfakes imitating his voice as ‘surreal and terrifying’.